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Download MIPII for A4 print

Download this version if you want to print the inventory in the form of individual A4 pages.


Download this version also to print the papers for workshop activities. In this case, we suggest you print the pages increasing the size to about 105%: this will allow you not to print the page number and to enlarge the cards as much as possible.

Download MIPII for booklet printing

Download this version if you want to print the inventory in the form of a booklet in A4 format.

The pages must be printed on A3 front and back sheets, and then folded and stapled.

Download foglio risposta

Download the answer sheet in the desired language.

Download file scoring in Excel

The scoring file allows you to print a graph following the insertion of individual answers.


PLEASE NOTE! We kindly ask you to send us the file with the data, which will be used exclusively for research purposes, after deleting the name and surname of the respondents and, possibly, with some indication on the methods of administration and the objectives for which the instrument was used. Thanks in advance for your research contribution!